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Support Bracelet

Beaded bracelet with high quality gemstones and natural sandalwood strung on strong stretch cord. Gold dipped silver accents.

Unakite is a nurturing stone and the ultimate stone to support parenthood and taking care of others. It is a stone of balance and helps grounding yourself while balancing your emotions and bringing a deeper understanding of the emotions and feelings of those around you. Used also as fertility-stone.

Rhodochrosite is a strong emotional healer and one of the best stones for healing a broken heart. It has a strong heart-opening energy and is said to attract a soulmate. Rhodochrosite brings emotional support and consoles our inner child. It helps to overcome emotional, physical and sexual abuse by teaching the heart to assimilate and release painful feelings. Opens the heart to receive and give love of all forms and kinds. It is especially good for mothers as it helps to learn to trust your inner maternal instincts.

Sandalwood is the holy wood of India. It has a delicate scent which has a calming effect on the mind and is considered protective and healing.

Please bear in mind that the stones used are all natural and unique and may slightly vary in color and shape.

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