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What are mala beads?



Mala beads are not simply jewels. They are tools for meditation, mindfulness and yoga practice and help to create space for positive changes to take place.


For thousands of years mala beads have had an important role in the meditation practice of yogis, hindus and buddhists. Originally a meaning or mantra is given to the mala. It reminds the owner to focus and stay on the path towards his intentions. Every bead is designed to keep count while repeating a mantra or prayer. Mala beads encourage you to slow down and to find your inner self. It helps also to face negative emotions and feelings. By focusing on the calming mala beads, negative feelings shrink and loose their power.

I never used to pay much attention to jewelry and rarely did I wear any. But then I experienced how the feel of wearing nature’s gemstones goes beyond other jewelry. They are not merely beautiful and precious. They carry within something ancient. They have the ability to touch the soul.

I use only high quality precious gemstones and the best stringing materials: I want my malas to endure the use they are created for. Every bead is hand knotted and the knots between the beads guarantee that the beads don’t touch one another, and that the mala beads maintain their beauty through everyday meditation practice. The knots have also a symbolic meaning, symbolizing the steps we take on our life journey.

AnnakaTaika mala beads combine the traditional meditation beads with the healing and empowering energies of nature’s gemstones. Every gemstone and crystal has its own properties. While knotting the beads I focus on that particular energy, being absorbed and amplified by the stones.


AnnakaTaika handmade mala beads


Love is the secret component.

I create every piece with so much love and devotion that I’m sure it is absorbed by stones and palpable to its owner.


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