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Calm Keeper Bracelet

A calming combination of light amethyst quartz, blue lace agate, rainbow moonstone, white howlite and genuine sandalwood strung on strong elastic cord for easy wear.  Silver accents.

Amethyst is a stone of awareness and guidance. It's known for its ability to help to get rid of dependencies of all kinds. It connects you to your deep inner wisdom and brings a sense of love and peace to your heart.

Blue lace agate is a stone of inner truth and self expression. It helps with putting thoughts and feelings into words and expressing them. Helps with being trusted and understood and therefore strengthens friendships and relationships. Strengthens also the bond between mother and child.

Moonstone is a stone of feminine energy and is linked to the intuitive side of the mind. Moonstone works as a mirror of your purest self and strenghtens the ability to hear your inner voice. It strengthens your intuition and helps to live in harmony and balance with life's cycles. Supports new beginnings.

White howlite is the most calming of all stones in the mineral kingdom. It brings a sense of peace and patience to its wearer. Calms an overactive mind and helps against insomnia. Awakens the mind to be connected to one’s higher self.


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