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Inner Truth Mala

A 108 gemstone beads mala made with white howlite and blue lace agate beads (6mm). Hand knotted on pure lavender blue silk cord and finished with a 12mm blue lace agate guru bead and hill tribe silver accents.

White howlite is the most calming of all stones in the mineral kingdom. It brings a sense of peace and patience to its wearer. Calms an overactive mind and helps against insomnia. Awakens the mind to be connected to one’s higher self.

Blue lace agate is a stone of inner truth and self expression. It helps with putting thoughts and feelings into words and expressing them. Helps with being trusted and understood and therefore strengthens friendships and relationships. Strengthens also the bond between mother and child.

The combination of these two stones carry the intention to staying aligned with one’s truest self.

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