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Aroma Bracelet - Hope

A lovely beaded bracelet on strong stretch cord.

Lava stone is a stone of inner strength and resilience. It is very grounding and connected to the fire element and will give boost to get trough tough times. 

Carnelian: a stone of success and motivation, very uplifting and holder of positive energy 

Rose Quartz: stone of universal love and compassion 

Prehnite: stone of vitality, hope and renewal 

This bracelet  can be used to diffuse essential oils. The porous surface of the lava stone absorbs the oil with ease and then releases it slowly throughout the day. Add a drop of your favorite essential oil directly on the lava stone and enjoy throughout the day. 

Crystals and essential oils enhance each other’s qualities and work perfectly together. The stones of this bracelet pair perfectly with comforting and uplifting scents.

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