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My Lucky Mala

A combination of gorgeous high quality gemstones hand knotted on pure silk. Gold dipped silver accents. Finished with two luxurious handmade cotton tassels. One of a kind, you will receive the exact piece pictured.

Aventurine is called the lucky stone, attracts prosperity, wealth, health and serendipity.

Prehnite is a stone of vitality and renewal, strengthens the sense of hope and trust in the future.

Citrine is the stone of joy and positivity, extremely energizing, attracts abundance in all forms.

Sunstone is a stone of warmth, positivity and vitality. Known as the stone of freedom. It strengthens your willpower and supports qualities of leadership. Helps to see the positive side of the situation. It is a helpful aid in leading your own life. Very helpful for entrepreneurs also.

170,00 €

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