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Calm & Patience Mala

A 108 beads mala made with White Howlite, Amazonite and picture Jasper (6mm). Hand knotted on pure silk and finished with a 12mm White Howlite guru-bead and hill tribe silver accents. White Howlite is the stone of patience and is extremely calming. Amazonite is a communication stone linking the heart with the spoken word. It has also a calming effect on the mind. Picture Jasper is a stone of harmony, closeness to nature and creativity. It connects you to Mother Nature and anchors you in the present moment.

You will receive a mala with exactly the same stones as the one pictured, but please keep in mind that the stones and materials used are all natural and may vary in color and shape.

Karen hill tribe silver beads are crafted one by one with only hand and hammer by the talented silversmithing artisans of the Karen hill tribe people in Thailand.

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