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Rise and Shine Mala

A 108 beads Mala with high grade quality gemstones and fragrant sandalwood beads from India. A combination of Citrine, Carnelian, Sunstone, Tigers Eye and Clear Quartz to bring motivation, abundance and success.

Citrine brings joy and abundance and has a highly uplifting energy.

Carnelian is energizing and a strong motivator and helps with getting things done.

Sunstone is the stone of leadership and freedom and brings positivity to its surroundings.

Tigers Eye is called the entrepreneur stone, it is a strengthener of willpower and brings prosperity.

Clear Quartz is called the master healer, it is a potent energy-amplifier and strengthens the properties of the other stones nearby.

This is a potent combination for achieving your goals and fulfilling your dreams. Lovingly hand knotted on pure silk and finished with a beautiful handmade cotton tassel. Gold dipped silver accents.

127,00 €

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