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Pure Love Mala

A 108 beads mala made with Rose Quartz, rare peruivan pink Opal, pink Agate and genuine sandalwood from India. Hand knotted on pure silk and finished with a beautiful hand made cotton tassel and silver accents.

Rose Quartz is the ultimate love stone. It brings deep inner healing and calms the mind, heals a wounded heart and reawakens its trust. Being the stone of universal love, compassion and kindness, it is one of the most important stones to wear.

Pink Opal beads (6mm and 8mm) connects us to the divine source of love. Brings softness and compassion to your heart. It has a delicate and fine love-filled vibration. It is a stone associated with kindness, love and passion, also desire and erotism. Wearing pink Opal around the neck and on the heart is said to liberate the heart and to bring loyalty, faithfulness and spontaneity to relationships. 

The guru bead is a beautiful pink Agate bead. This lovely stone has a nurturing and heart healing energy.

145,00 €

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