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Precious Om Mala

A gorgeous combination of ALL the colors to harmonize and balance our energy field. A carefully selected selection of 18 different high vibrational 6mm gemstones to empower and raise our vibration. Hand knotted on elegant gray silk and finished with a beautiful gold filled guru bead and gold filled accents. Features the following precious gemstones and properties:

Black Onyx (strenght)

Tigers Eye (willpower)

Smoky Quartz (stress relief, grounding)

Labradorite (protection)

Moonstone (intuition)

Clear Quartz (energy amplifier, healing)

Rose Quartz (love & compassion)

Rhodochrosite (heart healer, self love)

Garnet (passion)

Carnelian (courage & motivation)

Baltic Amber (joy & light)

Prehnite (hope, health, vitality)

Green Aventurine (heart connection, lucky stone, prosperity)

Apatite (positivity)

Aquamarine (truth, self expression)

Lapis Lazuli (trust, intuition)

Amethyst (peace, wisdom, awareness, guidance)

Phosphosiderite (finding our dharma)


This is truly a magical piece! You will feel it when you wear it.

250,00 €

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