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One with Nature Mala

One with Nature, One with All! A beautiful gemstone mala made with 108 6mm beads of multicolored flower agate, carnelian, aventurine and prehnite and finished with a clear quartz guru bead and gold dipped silver accents. Hand knotted on pure silk.

Agate: This beautiful multicolored natural stone is worn for comfort, support and protection. Agate is also turned to for its soothing qualities. The stone is thought to inspire creativity and inspiration. Agate has a gentle nurturing everflowing energy and connects you to your surroundings and to nature. It will keep your energy constantly moving and help you going in the right direction with ease and flow. It is a strong reminder of eternal movement and the movement within us, connecting us to our life-force, our breath. The variety of colors brings harmony and balance to its wearer.

Bold Carnelian is a energizing stone and bringer of success. It is a strong motivator and connected to our creative flow.

Aventurine: called the lucky stone, attracts prosperity, health and serendipity.

Prehnite: a stone of vitality and renewal, strengthens the sense of hope and trust and brings unity and a sense of oneness.

Clear Quartz is called the master healer. The most powerful energy-amplifier it is also referred to as solid light. It stimulates healing by increasing the amount of light energy in the body. Being extremely programmable, it also magnifies the properties and influence of other stones. Perfect paired with any other gemstone or crystal to raise and amplify their vibration. Exceptional for clearing environments and shielding oneself from electromagnetic pollution and radioactivity. Brings clarity of thoughts, enhances memory and transmits knowledge and awareness.

One of a kind, you will receive the exact piece pictured.

150,00 €

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