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Creativity Bracelet

Beaded bracelet strung on strong stretch cord. High quality gemstones of picture jasper, carnelian and garnet together with naturally fragrant sandalwood and gold dipped silver accents.

Picture Jasper is a stone of harmony, closeness to nature and creativity. It connects you to Mother Nature and anchors you in the present moment, while awakening your creativity.

Bold Carnelian is a manifesting stone associated with success and courage. It has a strong motivating energy that helps you to achieve your goals and dreams. Also called the stone of creativity, Carnelian is connected to the sacral chakra and to our creative energy.

Garnet is a stone of passion and creativity.

Sandalwood is the holy wood of India. It has a delicate scent which has a calming effect on the mind and is considered protective and healing.

Please bear in mind that the stones used are all natural and untreated and may slightly vary in color and shape.

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