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Magic Within ~ Amulet Duo (Softness)

The most gorgeous and rare tiny Mexican Tabasco geode beads on pure silk and finished with silver accents. 

Tabasco geodes are mined near the city of Tabasco in Mexico and are the smallest whole geodes found on earth. They are very precious and sought after given their small size yet very beautiful sparkling and colorful quartz lined interiors. It’s like the entire universe within one gem. Formed for millions of years inside tiny little caves within rocks, these hold truly a magical energy! One tiny rock, cut into two halfs...I feel these can not be separated. These little caves are here to amplify your energy and remind you of the Magic and Light within You and to have the courage to shine! No one is You, and that’s Your superpower!

Length approximately 60cm when both of the beads hang at the same height. Adjustable through a sliding silver bead. You can pull on either side to have one crystal placed higher than the other.

One of a kind, you will receive the exact piece pictured.

90,00 €

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