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Light My Fire Amulet

A gorgeous and unique Mexican Cabrera fire Opal  bead knotted on elegant pure silk thread. A sliding single silver bead works as closure. The length is adjustable and can be worn short as a choker or a bit longer hanging on the chest.

Mexican fire Opal is extremely rare and precious. Each stone is completely unique. It has an uplifting energy and is an amplifier of life force. It connects us to our inner source of strength and vitality. A strong reminder of our inner light and worth. The most popular meaning is it represents the joy of the heart. The fire opal gem symbolises passion and love not only for others, but for different elements of life, including careers and hobbies.

It’s also representative of good fortune and success. Many believe that by wearing a fire opal in your business, you’ll attract more customers and wealth.

It’s a wonderful stone to have if you’re shy and lack self-confidence. It will give you a boost of self-confidence and improve how you think of yourself and how you relate to others. Fire Opal will also help you if you’re suffering from an abusive relationship. It can help you heal from the bad experiences and assist you in releasing the bad memories. It can also promote loving and kind relationships, dispel the negativity in your aura and in your environment.

Mantra: I’m worthy of it all!

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