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Heart Wisdom Mala

A powerful combination of high quality Rose Quartz (6mm), shiny rainbow Moonstone, bold Carnelian and precious Ruby, hand knotted on pure silk and finished with a faceted Rose Quartz guru bead (12mm) and a handmade cotton tassel. Silver accents.

Rose Quartz is the ultimate love stone. It is a stone of unconditional love and one of the most heart-soothing stones. It attracts love in all forms and heals a broken heart. Brings kindness and compassion to our heart.

Moonstone is a stone of intuition and hormonal balance. It awakens our feminine energy and connects us to our hearts wisdom.

Carnelian connects us with our sexual energy and awakens our creativity. It is a strong motivator and helps with manifesting our dreams.

Ruby is a stone of passion and one of the strongest heart-healers. 

Together these stones help connect us to our heart and its deep inner wisdom, and heal its wounds. The quality of these beads is really amazing, you’ll feel it when you wear them! This truly is a luxury Mala! One of a kind, only one piece made.

216,00 €

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