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Loving What Is Mala

A variety of 108 beautiful high quality mixed coloured Beryl beads (6mm pink Morganite, blue Aquamarine and yellow Heliodor) to bring harmony to the soul. The combination of these beads have a harmonising effect on the mind and soul and bring compassion and kindness to the heart. Morganite is called the stone of Divine love, Aquamarine is the ultimate soother and Heliodor is a stabiliser. The guru bead is of beautiful Finnish curly birch. Also called wooden marble, due to the decorative dark lines on the light wood, curly birch is a genetic variety of the silver birch (Betulla Pendula) and considered a valuable wood. It anchors us into the present, brings closeness to nature and is a reminder that we are all one.

Finished with hill tribe silver accents. Karen hill tribe silver beads are crafted one by one with only hand and hammer by the talented silversmithing artisans of the Karen hill tribe people in Thailand.

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