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Winter Breeze Bracelet stack

A combination of Aquamarine, white Howlite, silver plated Hematite, rare Dumortierite and fragrant sandalwood from India. A stack of four delicate bracelets, strung on strong stretch cord. Silver accents.

Aquamarine: Traditionally used as a talisman for fearlessness and protection, this is one of the best stones for those who travel. Known to assist with communication of one's highest truth.

Howlite: A stone of peace, calm and patience. The most calming of all stones. Helps also against insomnia due to an overactive mind. 

Hematite: Brings a quality of powerful and strong energy and is extremely grounding. It has a cooling and calming effect, and helps develop concentration and focus. 

Dumortierite: A stone of patience and divine inspiration. It opens doors of insight, enhances intellectual gifts and supports clear communication.

Sandalwood: This holy wood of India has a calming effect on the mind, relieves anxiety and lifts melancholy. It helps overcome feelings of irritability and aggression, promotes openness and compassion and enhances the benefits of meditation. Grounding and keeping you anchored in the present moment.

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