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Trust Me Bracelet stack

A stack of three bracelets strung on strong stretch cord. a combination of gorgeous Blue Lace Agate, white Moonstone and fragrant sandalwood from India. silver accents.

Blue Lace Agate has gentle nurturing energy. It is a stone of communication. Helps to find and acknowledge your inner truth and to express it to the world. Supports in staying true to yourself. Promotes trustworthiness.

Moonstone is a stone of feminine energy and connected to the intuitive side of the mind. It strengthens your intuition and the connection with yourself. Called the stone of new beginnings, it will support you during moments of change.

Sandalwood: This holy wood of India has a calming effect on the mind, relieves anxiety and lifts melancholy. It helps overcome feelings of irritability and aggression, promotes openness and compassion and enhances the benefits of meditation. Grounding and keeping you anchored in the present moment.

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