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Aroma Diffuser Amulet

This beautiful bead is made of Finnish curly birch, also called wooden marble, because of the decorative dark lines on the light wood. Curly birch is a genetic variety of the silver birch (Betulla Pendula) and considered a valuable wood. It reminds me of a planet, our planet...May it be a reminder to love and take care of the blue planet we call home.

This amulet is intended to be used to diffuse essential oils. The surface of the birch bead absorbs the oil with ease and then releases it slowly throughout the day. Add a drop of your favorite essential oil on the palm of your hand and gently rub the bead between your hands until the oil is absorbed. Wear your diffuser amulet wherever you go and enjoy aromatherapy all day long.

The bead hangs on a beautiful gold colored silk cord. Silver accents. Adjustable length trough a sliding silver bead.

Wear alone or paired with other Gemstone necklaces or malas. Essential oils and gemstones work perfectly together and enhance each others qualities.

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