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Wind of Change Mala

A 108 gemstone bead (6mm) mala made with high quality Citrine, Carnelian, green Aventurine, picture Jasper and African Turquoise Jasper. Carefully knotted on pure gray silk and finished with an Aventurine guru bead and a handmade cotton tassel. Gold dipped silver accents.

Made with the intention of letting go and making space for the new. This mala is like autumn reminding us that change can be beautiful. 

Citrine: joy, warmth, energizing, abundance 

Carnelian: motivation, success, creative energy 

Picture Jasper: harmony, creativity, closeness to nature 

Aventurine: good luck, serendipity, prosperity, heartspace 

African Turquoise Jasper: adventures, protection on the journey, earth connection, transformation 

145,00 €

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