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Joyful Heart Mala

A full 108 beads Mala with high grade quality gemstones and fragrant sandalwood beads from India. A beautiful combination of  Rose Quartz, Prehnite and Citrine to bring a sense of rebirth and vitality.

This Mala is like the spring itself, with sunshine and nature coming gently to life again, it reminds you of your full potential and the life force within. Lovingly hand knotted on pure silk and finished with a beautiful gold filled gurubead.

Rose Quartz is the ultimate love stone. It brings deep inner healing and calms the mind, heals a wounded heart and reawakens its trust. Being the stone of compassion and kindness, it is one of the most important stones to wear.

Prehnite is a stone of vitality and renewal, strengthens the sense of hope and trust.

Citrine is the stone of joy and positivity, extremely energizing, attracts abundance in all forms.

Sandalwood: This holy wood of India has a calming effect on the mind, relieves anxiety and lifts melancholy. It helps overcome feelings of irritability and aggression, promotes openness and compassion and enhances the benefits of meditation. Grounding and keeping you anchored in the present moment.

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