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I am Supported Mala

A gorgeous 108 gemstone bead (6mm) mala with a truly unique high quality pink agate guru bead. Hand knotted on pure pink silk. I am not alone. I am supported, uplifted and held with tender love and care. Friends, family, strangers and the whole universe conspire to help me on my path. With a smile, I acknowledge and bow in gratitude for the many ways I am supported. 
Botswana Agate: This beautiful multicolored natural stone is worn for comfort, support and protection. Agate is also turned to for its soothing qualities. The stone is thought to inspire creativity and inspiration. Agate has a gentle nurturing everflowing energy. It will keep your energy constantly moving and help you going in the right direction with ease and flow. It is a strong reminder of eternal movement and the movement within us, connecting us to our life-force, our breath. Red-pink agate brings happiness and a renewed zest for life, reminding us to find joy in everything we do. It works gently to build self-esteem and self-confidence. The soothing feminine vibration of pink agate is nurturing and gentle, bringing a sense of delight and comfort. It is also a stone of interaction and strengthens relationships, especially the bond between mother and child. Very helpful for newly mothers or mothers to be. 
Citrine: The stone of joy, happiness and abundance in all forms. Reminds us to always see the positive side of things. I recognize the light in me and others. 
Rhodochrosite: Emotional support. A strong heart opener and heart healer. I feel loved and supported.

One-of-a-kind and unique. You will receive the exact piece pictured. 



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