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Healing Love Half Mala

Beaded Mala necklace created with Rose Quartz (8mm), tiny Rhodochrosite rondelles and a Clear Quartz guru-bead handknotted onto pure silk and completed with sterling silver accents. A powerful trio for opening the heart chakra, helping to embody love of all types. Self love. Friendship. Relationship. Family.

Rose Quartz is the ultimate love stone. It brings deep inner healing and calms the mind, heals a wounded heart and reawakens its trust. Being the stone of compassion and kindness, it is one of the most important stones to wear.

Rhodochrosite is a stone of love and emotional healing. It resonates with the inner child within and is said to attract one's soulmate.

Clear Quartz is the master healer and amplifies the properties of other stones.

You will receive a mala with exactly the same stones as the one pictured, but keep in mind that the stones and materials used are all natural and may vary in colour and shape.

This is a 54 beads half Mala and hangs appropriately and beautifully on the chest and close to the heart.

154,00 €

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