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Chakra Balancing Gemstone Mala

A precious 108 beads (6mm) gemstone mala made with seven different pastel colored gemstones each one representing one of the seven chakras:

Smokey Quartz (muladhara, root, grounding),

Sunstone (svadhisthana, sacral, balance),

Citrine (manipura, solar plexus, empowerment),

Prehnite (anahata, heart, love),

Aquamarine (vishudha, throat, communication),

Lavender Amethyst (anja , third eye, intuition),

Clear Quartz (sahasrara, crown, spirituality)

The quality of these beads is truly amazing! You will feel it when you wear it! Untreated high grade gemstones to balance all of your colors! The guru bead is a 12mm faceted clear quartz bead to amplify and enhance the properties of the other beads. Karen hill tribe silver accents, crafted one by one with only hand and hammer by the talented silversmithing artisans of the Karen hill tribe people in Thailand. Hand knotted on pure silk.

190,00 €

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