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Calming Protection Half Mala

A lovely half mala (54 meditation beads) with the intention to bring a feeling of protection, calm and inner peace to its wearer. Made with gorgeous shimmering 8mm labradorite beads and beautiful amazonite rondelles. Finished with a labradorite guru bead and Karen hill tribe silver accents.

Labradorite is one of the most protective stones in the mineral kingdom. It is called the stone of magic and bringer of light. Strongly connected to the intuitive side of the mind. It fortifies the feeling of hope and brings moments of serendipity to life.

Amazonite is a communication stone linking the heart with the spoken word. It gently works to tap you into your truth that emits from your heartspace and from a place of genuine autenticity. It has also a calming effect on the mind.

Karen hill tribe silver beads are crafted one by one with only hand and hammer by the talented silversmithing artisans of the Karen hill tribe people in Thailand.

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