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Custom Portrait Painting

A custom made portrait is a personal and unique gift for yourself or others.

A painting contains always a little piece of the artist him/herself. It is the unique fusion of both the vision and the hand of the artist. A custom made portrait of a special person or a loved one is a unique gift for yourself or someone else. To create a portrait painting I use photographs provided to me by the customer. The technique I use is acrylics or oil on canvas. I count from two weeks to one month to complete a portrait. Feel free to contact me for more information.

This listing is for a painting that is 30x40cm in size and has one person pictured. If you'd like to order a painting in a different size or with more than one person/animal in it, please contact me. Sample pricing: 40x40cm 500e, 40x50cm 550e.

450,00 €

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