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Moon Magic Amulet Duo

A gorgeous and rare Mexican Fire Opal and a rainbow Moonstone on elegant gray silk. Silver accents.

Mexican Fire Opal is considered a rare and precious gem and is found only in Mexico. In this unique piece the jelly Fire Opal has the form of a crescent moon. Fire Opal is a stone of life force and personal power. It boosts energy levels and and brings joy to the heart. It is a stone of optimism and hope and is also believed to attract money.

Moonstone is connected to the feminine side of us and enhances our intuition. It is a stone of purity, rebirth and starting from a blank page. Often called the stone of new beginnings it supports during transformation and changes in life.

Together these two stones enhance each other’s qualities and provide balance and harmony to its wearer.

Length approximately 60cm when both of the beads hang at the same height. Adjustable through a sliding silver bead. You can pull on either side to have one crystal placed higher than the other.

One of a kind, only this one piece available!

90,00 €

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