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Heartspeaker Bracelet stack

A stack of four bracelets strung on strong stretch cord. A combination of Amazonite, silver plated Hematite, genuine Turquoise, rare Larimar and fragrant sandalwood from India. Silver accents.

Amazonite is a communication stone linking the heart with the spoken word. It gently works to tap you into your truth that emits from your heartspace and from a place of genuine autenticity. It has also a calming effect on the mind.

Hematite: Brings a quality of powerful and strong energy and is extremely grounding. It has a cooling and calming effect, and helps develop concentration and focus. 

Turquoise is a stone of protection, communication and love. Associated both with the heart chakra and throat chakra Turquoise is one of the best stones in the mineral kingdom for aiding with communication from the heart. Turquoise has been used for thousands of years as an amulet of protection by tribes in Tibet and by the native Americans. A must have for frequent travellers as it protects during adventures. But as Turquoise is also a protector of the soul on its life journey, it should be worn at all times. Turquoise has also been used as a symbol of fidelity towards your partner.

Larimar is a stone of enormous benefit to the throat chakra, and one of the strongest stones of the mineral kingdom for aiding in communication and self-expression. It provides the power of clear communication and emotional stability to speak from the heart. It is a powerful stone of healing, balance and nurturance and teaches the wisdom of compassion and forgiveness. It helps to connect deeper to the divine wisdom within each of us.

Sandalwood: This holy wood of India has a calming effect on the mind, relieves anxiety and lifts melancholy. It helps overcome feelings of irritability and aggression, promotes openness and compassion and enhances the benefits of meditation. Grounding and keeping you anchored in the present moment.

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