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Delicate Chakra Balancing Bracelet

Chakra balancing bracelet made of seven different gemstones representing each one of the seven chakras and completed with tiny natural fragrant sandalwood from India. Silver and gold vermeil accents. Strung on strong stretch cord. High quality untreated and undyed gemstones to harmonize and balance our energy fields.

Created with these stones and properties:

Garnet - root chakra - survival, security, fear control, grounding.

Carnelian - sacral chakra - creativity, sexuality.

Citrine - solar plexus chakra - self-esteem, confidence, willpower.

Prehnite - heart chakra - love, compassion, hope.

Aquamarine - throat chakra - communication.

Kyanite - third eye chakra - wisdom, intuition.

Amethyst - crown chakra - our spiritual center, awareness.

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